Why Can't I Change My Email Address in YouLi?

Need to update your email address, but it's already tied to another YouLi account? No worries. We got you.


Why can't I change my email address in my YouLi account?

It is pretty simple to change your email in YouLi. However, if you are getting an error or it keeps changing back, it may be because the new email already has an account in YouLi. 

  • Did you create an account with that email?
  • Did you add a Team Member using that email address?
  • Has someone added you as a Co-Planner using that email address?

IMPORTANT: Whichever it is, it looks like an account has been created using the email address you want to switch to.


If you already have an existing account with that email, this is how you can still change your account email to that same address: 

  • Log in using the email you are trying to switch to - Note that you may need to click FORGOT PASSWORD
  • From ACCOUNT change that email to another email address you control (that is NOT already associated with a YouLi account).
  • LOG OUT 
  • SIGN IN to the account that you want to change the email 
  • From ACCOUNT change the email to the address you wanted

Need more help? 
Our support team is available via a chat box at the bottom of your screen. Open up a chat so we can assist!