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How-to: Change a Co-Planner or Team Member to a Trip Coordinator (VIEW ONLY)

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What is the difference between a Co-Planner or Team Member and a Trip Coordinator?

Simply put, Team Members are users who are across ALL of your Trips and can edit just about anything (outside of your branding), while Co-Planners also have a lot of capabilities to aid you in planning, they do not have access to the PRICING tab and they need to be added to each and every Trip. 

Trip Coordinators are a step down from both, as they are only able to VIEW your Trips & message Travelers. 

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Why am I not seeing an option to convert my Team Member or Co-Planner to a Trip Coordinator? 

Once an email is already used, it creates a YouLi account for that user. Therefore, once a person has used an email address as either a Team Member OR a Co-Planner, they CAN NOT change their account to a Trip Coordinator (at least not from the dropdown menu). 

However, there is a way to change an existing Co-Planner or Team Member to a Trip Coordinator.

1. The easiest way to do this is to have the person LOG IN and then change their email on that account to some other email. 

EXAMPLE: if I am a Co-Planner with my claire@youli.team email address, I would log into YouLi with that address and then go into my ACCOUNT and change that email address to a different email address (perhaps my personal email).

Screenshot 2022-08-08 123442

2. Once that's done, the Planner can remove that account from their Trip.

3. Finally, the Planner should add them back as a Trip Coordinator.

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