OLD How-to: See Refund Protect Refundable Bookings in your Dashboard

Refund Protect provides you with access to their Dashboard so you can track your revenue and costs in one place.


Shutting down this feature in 2024 - if you are still using Refund Protect, you will be contacted to off board.

Refund Protect Dashboard

During your onboarding, you should have received your own login to the Refund Protect Dashboard

If you cannot access your dashboard, contact Refund Protect from the dashboard login for support.

TIP: Hover over the pie symbol on the left and then click MEMBERS to see the dashboard

Once logged in you can see:

  • Transaction Volume - how many transactions have been made refundable
  • Transaction Value - how much the transactions are worth
  • Protection Rate - what percentage of the Transaction Volume will be invoiced 
  • Protection Cost - the amount that will be invoiced for these transactions



You will be invoiced in the currency you charge your customers in. If you have multiple currencies, check with Refund Protect.

To change the currency displayed in the dashboard, click the "Currency" dropdown and change to your preferred currency.

Note that the dashboard only shows round numbers but you will be invoiced to the decimal. You will receive a detailed invoice.

Transactions - Quickly see which bookings are refundable

Scroll down to view all transactions and to search for the current status.

If you need to quickly find if a booking is refundable, enter the YouLi Reference Code in the search box then look in the column labeled "Protected". If it is YES, then the booking is refundable. If it says NO, then it is not.