New Features - Release 1.125 - Optimized Trip Embed Images & Tour Series For Multiple Departures & Custom Quotes



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What YouLi delivered this update


👉👀👈🏾  YouLi trip embeds load the right image on your website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a magic art that blends content and technology into the perfect recipe that gets your website in front of the right eyes. One of the key ingredients is the SPEED with which the page loads. One of the key factors in page speed is the SIZE of images. This is especially true on mobile devices (which Google uses to establish page speed metrics), where the image can be smaller, and bandwidth is often lower. However, you don't want your image to ALWAYS be the mobile-optimized size, then it looks terrible on larger screens. And who wants to upload multiple copies of the same image?


THE ANSWER: WebP images.

YouLi is now providing the browser that loads your trip embeds with instructions to get the RIGHT size image for the device that is viewing the page. This is done using WebP technology. Don't worry, you don't have to understand what WebP is, that's our job!

You just have to upload your nice big beautiful banner image and we'll make sure the browser can get the RIGHT size and resolution for embeds, for TRIP PAGES, and for all devices.

No action is required - but if you must check it out, go load your website with YouLi embedded trips on your mobile device and be impressed that it's faster.

Don't use Trip embeds? You should! Learn how to integrate with your website.


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👉😎👈🏾 Introducing TOUR SERIES

Do you run multiple departure dates for the same itinerary?

Do you want to offer a custom quote option for a group departure date?

If yes to either of these questions, then you need Tour Series.

Today we are releasing a limited version to select clients to test things out and gather feedback. 

Interested? Open a support ticket to request this new feature and ask about pricing.