Advanced Integration: Embed Entire Trip Pages Into Your Website with iFrame

Extend your website by embedding YouLi Trip Pages and create a seamless customer experience for your travelers.

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IMPORTANT: This feature is available with the Enterprise YouLi subscription only.

If you are managing your customer portal and authentication, you can embed the MAGIC LINKS into your website to avoid sending your customer to a new page.

Use this in conjunction with the ADD REGISTRATION and TASK RESPONSES API Field Names to pre-register your customers to trips and then embed their magic links in your portal.

Requirements & Restrictions
  1. Requires Advanced API access
  2. Must use WHITE LABEL DOMAIN in "src"
  3. Works with TRIP PAGES and/or MAGIC LINKS
  4. Must include "?embed=true parameter"
  5. Must be a Trip owned by the Owner of the WHITE LABEL DOMAIN
  6. It requires the user’s browser to allow cookies (require 3rd party cookies to be set)
  7. It loads responsively (fits the space your developer gives it) but may not adjust if window is resized after load
  8. The "LOAD IN APP" link will not appear in the header, so the Traveler must request the MAGIC LINK from the planner or enter their email in the app to get the link via email


Here’s a beautiful example of an embed in action:

Code used:

<iframe width="100%" height="800px"
style="border: none;"></iframe>


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