How-to: Move a Traveler From One Trip To Another (Even After a Payment Was Made!)

Perhaps your Traveler had to cancel, but instead of giving them a refund, you might want to move them to a different trip. Here is how to do that -- even after they have made a payment! 

Just follow these 4 steps!

1. Change "Status" to "Declined"

  • Hover over the Traveler and select EDIT 
  • Change their STATUS to DECLINED

2. Add the Traveler to the new Trip

  • Open up the new TRIP PAGE that you want to add this Traveler to
  • Now click to MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS
  • Select ADD PERSON 
  • Fill out the information in the pop-up. Change the Traveler's STATUS to REGISTERED. Make sure to add their email, so that you can invite them to the trip.

3. Add a manual payment

CAUTION: Skip this step if no payment has been made 

4. Invite the Traveler to the new Trip

Need more help?

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