New Features - Release 1.123 - Feb 9, 2022 - Custom form API Fields & Website relaunch

YouLi isn't the same as we were 3 years ago, so it was time for a refresh. Check out our rebranded website and then talk to us about helping you refresh/relaunch your website


👉 Have questions? 👈🏾

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👉👏👈🏾 Pre-fill your traveler's information from their profile

This is an advanced feature, but we know you'll grow to love it.

Now our Enterprise clients can pre-fill traveler task responses using the API Field Name feature.


👉💰👈🏾 Offer Refundable Bookings Without Losing Money


🌏  Empower your travelers! Last-minute cancellations are no fun for anyone, give your travelers the option to "make booking refundable" for a fee, and let Refund Protect manage the refund application, so it won't be out of your pocket.

🌏  Refund Protect is a new YouLi partner which allows clients to offer an enhanced "refundable booking" option.

🌏  See if you qualify to get access to Refund Protect and how it all works. Learn More

👉📲👈🏾 Go Mobile

COMING SOON TO YOULI MOBILE (pending app store approval)

🌏 Travelers attending multiple YouLi-powered trips will soon be able to load all their trips into the YouLi Trip mobile app

🌏 Do you have people booked onto more than one trip you are planning? Previously they had to choose which one to load on their mobile app - now they can load them all.

🌏 This enhanced mobile experience will empower frequent travelers to seamlessly move between trips, complete tasks, and make payments. Now they will be more prepared than ever!



👉🐜👈🏾 Bug Fixes



Have you received an error while trying to search? Well, this issue is no longer! 


Search keywords to find information across all of your trips

Find this feature under REPORTS > SEARCH from your dashboard or by clicking SEARCH from your main menu.


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