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How-to: Set Personalized Pricing Per Traveler in a Group Trip

There are always exceptions on a group trip. YouLi makes it possible to manage those pricing exceptions easily per person.

Why use personalized pricing?

  • Personalized Pricing allows you to give travelers a price that is only available or relevant to them.
  • You may have a traveler who is getting a special deal or cost for several reasons; by giving them a personalized price, you do not have to create a new package just for them that them.
    • You can also offer coupons or add-ons that adjust their price without manual adjustment
  • Not only can you adjust the price, but you can also set personalized invoice terms that only the one traveler can view.

Personalized Pricing may not be something you use often, but it can be extremely convenient when you do. Keeping your payments organized is an essential part of launching a successful trip!

How-to enable personalized pricing for a traveler

  • From your Dashboard, click on the Trip
  • Click MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS on the navigation
  • Hover over the traveler's name that you want to personalize
  • Click EDIT


  • Scroll down and check box next to ENABLE PERSONALIZED PRICE 


  • Add the price and adjust the pricing explanation that will show on the Invoice

TIP: The default in this Personalized Pricing Explanation will be whatever you have set as the Pricing Explanation for the whole group. So be sure to have that done before personalizing so you don't have to re-enter the common terms.

When you save your changes, that will be shown to this Traveler instead of the Trip Pricing Explanation


WARNING: If you update your Pricing Explanation for the group, those changes will NOT be reflected in the Personalized Pricing Explanation automatically. 

Be sure to finalize all your terms before setting personalized prices OR remember to update your Personalized Pricing Explanations when you change the Trip Pricing Explanation


Need more help?

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