How-to: Add Registered Travelers Into An Invitation Group

Once a Traveler registers, they cannot add others to their group themself. However, as the Planner, you are able to do this for them and it will show up on each group member's trip page.


NOTE: Are you unclear on what an Invitation Group is? Start here with our help doc: What is an Invitation Group?

Why would I need to create an Invitation Group on behalf of registered Travelers?

  • You may have two Travelers who register separately & then ask to be in a group together.
  • Or it's possible that a Traveler registered and requested to add their partner, friends, or family members into their group.
  • Either way, invitation groups make your travelers' experience more efficient (and yours too!👍). So read on for what to do if you need to create an INVITATION GROUP after a traveler has already registered for your TRIP.

How to: Add a new Traveler to an existing registration 

  1. From your MENU click on MANAGE PEOPLE
  2. Find the existing registered Traveler and click EDIT
  3.  Name their INVITATION GROUP
  4.  Click UPDATE
  5.  Now, return to your MANAGE PEOPLE tab
  6. Click ADD PERSON
  7.  Fill in the information for the 2nd Traveler and be sure to add the same name in the INVITATION GROUP field
  8.  Change their STATUS to REGISTERED
  9. Click ADD

    TA-DA! Both Travelers (or more, if you've repeated this process for the same group), will now be in the same INVITATION GROUP!🎩🐇

How to: Add multiple existing registrations into the same Invitation Group

  2. Click EDIT under the first Traveler
  3.  Name their INVITATION GROUP (i.e. Hernandez Family)
  4.  Click UPDATE
  5. Now follow these steps for each Traveler that you want to add to that INVITATION GROUP. 

WARNING: Travelers in the same Invitation Group can view each other's information. Be sure to check with the Travelers to be sure to only add approved members into the same group


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