YouLi Traveler Portal Handbook

Travelers, learn about your personalized Trip Page (which can be considered a Traveler Portal!), where everything about your Trip is in one place - your chosen package, invoice, pre-trip tasks, etc.

Your Trip Page is a Traveler Portal - personalized for you!

Are you unclear on how to use your Trip Page and find your way around? Check out this quick help video, where we walk you through it!


Ready to view your Trip Page/Traveler Portal offline?

We have an easy way to do that! Download the YouLi Trip Mobile App on iOS or Android and add your Trip(s) so that you have them easily accessible


Do you have more questions?

  • For any additional questions contact your Trip Planner from your Trip Page
  • Look for this tab in your Trip Menu (although it may say something different, like "Contact Us!")

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