New Features - Optimized trip embeds - Release 1.117 - Sep 1, 2021



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👉🚀👈🏾 Embedded Trip Cards load up to 1 second faster!

Your travelers will see full-page content even quicker for a better customer experience.



🔎🐜🔍 Always improving

We've added more countries to the Planner Account:

  • Italy, Croatia, Russia, and South Africa, welcome to the platform!
Did you miss these features from past releases? It's REALLY important - go do this NOW!

👉🏷👈🏾 The 10 Things I Love About My Trip

We have a favor to ask of you...spend a little time today thinking about how you want to categorize your trips. 

Then...ADD YOUR TAGS to each trip! (up to 10)



🔎🧁🔍 DO IT WITH TAGS: SEO Friendly Trip Summary 

Ready to adopt the new Trip Card style? Great! But first, you'll need to update your SHARE SUMMARY. 

Click to "UPDATE TRIP" and then scroll down to edit. 

NOTE: Max length is 150 characters to ensure it fits. So choose your words wisely!


--> Learn More about SHARE SUMMARY feature.


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Reach out to the YouLi Support Team via the chat box at the bottom of your screen or submit a Support Ticket request. If you need more advanced support, schedule a 1:1 Consulting session with one of our experts, and we will walk through Traveler flow options & best practices.