Installments - How Trip Page Invoice displays Payment Plan options, overdue, due soon and paid

How Installments appear to Travelers on Trip Page Invoice

If you have enabled installments as a Planner, your Travelers will see the option to "Choose a Payment Plan" as shown in the example below.

They can always "Pay Remaining Balance" at any time. This is automatically calculated based on the price for the invitation group and the payments and coupons applied.



Overdue Installment

If a Traveler has not made a payment on an installment that is OVERDUE, it will show that in the table like the example below.

Notice that the Traveler must pay the next installment, then the one after that as separate transactions, but at least they can see what is owed.

In a future release this will be changed so they can pay the outstanding installments in one transaction.



Manual Payments can be made against an Installment

As a Planner, you might receive a payment that you want to "count against the installment" so they are no longer reminded to pay.

In this case you can "Record a Manual Payment" and it will appear on the Invoice like the example below.

As you can see, the amount does not have to match the scheduled Deposit amount if the Planner records a manual payment. 

Once the manual payment is recorded, the Traveler will be prompted to pay the next installment and show the appropriate DUE, DUE SOON or OVERDUE.