HOW-TO: Embed a single YouLi trip into your own website

1. Set your Account Alias to a short name that you're happy with

2. Click the SHARE TRIP button in the header of your trip, then click INTEGRATE WITH WEBSITE


3. You or your website developer can paste this into the page(s) at the location where you want your trips to be shown. You want to click EMBED THIS TRIP

NOTE: You must save your changes in your web editor to see the script run

NOTE: For Wordpress sites, if applicable, be sure to put the snippet in a Group block instead of a regular block. Otherwise, the trip may appear at the bottom of the page.

4. For any Trips that you want to integrate, make them Public and Listed. This can be done under 'Update Trip' -> 'Overview' -> 'Trip Privacy'

Make sure it is a trip with a start date in the future or with estimated dates. Archived trips will not be shown.


What is the difference between Private, Public, and Listed trips? 

Private: Trip cannot be seen by anyone, will not show on your YouLi shop and cannot be embedded. 

Public: When you mark your trip as Public you have the option of embedding a single trip onto your own website without it showing up in your set of Listed trips.

Listed: When you mark your trip as Public & Listed, the trip will show up anywhere you have put your embed code. Plus you have the option of embedding it as a single trip.

NOTE: Anytime you want to remove a trip from your website, simply uncheck the Listed option. It will immediately be removed once you save. 


Pro-Tip: If you have a single trip (either Brochure or Set Departure) embedded on your website, that trip will remain to show even after the date of the trip has passed. However, if it is Listed, it will disappear from your website once the date has passed.


CLIENT EXAMPLE: RareAir Travel - YouLi Shop & Individual Trips Embedded

Website (YouLi Custom Web):

The website contains the general information about the company, but the itinerary specific information is hosted by YouLi Trips and embedded onto both the home page and the "Departures" page. 

YouLi Trips with White Label Domain:

When customers click from the website to the YouLi hosted Trips, they still see the domain, so they trust they are booking from a trusted site.

Again, with the embed & White Label Domain feature customers won't know they are on another platform. 

If the above example of embedding the trip info and instead you just want to link from a landing page to the registration form on YouLi, watch this quick video.

Looking for additional help? Check out out embedded trips troubleshooting article!