New Features - Advanced Analytics + Brand Options - Release 1.109 - April 22nd, 2021


Sparky is ready to travel! Are you ready to re-launch your business and take bookings for the coming travel recovery? Take this time to improve your operations, we are!!



🚤🚤🚤 Faster page loads

We are continuing to invest in making YouLi faster, changes this time include:

  • Improved more queries to increase speed
  • Improved how we check for changes on Trip Page to increase performance

💳💳💳 Cybersource States/Countries Dropdown

The state and country selection for making a credit card payment for Cybersource payments are now drop downs so that travellers are forced to select the correct values to complete the charge. This should reduce user error on your customers' end. 



⌗⌗⌗ Advanced Analytics for GA4 and GTM  (CREW+)

If you're lucky enough to have someone like Natasha (SYSTEMROCKS) working on your analytics to track your funnel, then you'll need the new data layer variables we are providing on the YouLi Trip Pages.

1. on page load of public trip (not registered/invited traveler)
'tripName': $Trip.Name // dynamic variable
'event': 'Trip View' // hardcoded name of the event to be sent into GA

2. when a person registers 
'tripName': $Trip.Name // dynamic variable
'event': 'Trip Registration' // hardcoded name of the event to be sent into GA

3. when a person books - first payment 
'tripName' : $Trip.Name // dynamic variable
'totalPrice' : $TotalPriceForBooking // dynamic variable
'paymentAmount’ : $PaymentAmount // dynamic variable
'event': 'Trip Booked' // hardcoded name of the event to be sent into GA

TIP: Open a support ticket to request your GTM to be set up so you can take advantage of these variables.

Not sure what any of this means? Book a 1:1 Analytics call to learn the basics


🖍🖍🖍 Brand Options per Trip (VENTURE+)

Do you work with multiple agencies and need to brand your trip pages with a few different logos/colors?

VENTURE subscriptions and above can now request Brand Options to be configured to allow per Trip branding options.


📱📱📱Mobile Trip App

Did you know we also have a mobile app for your travelers?

Now it is an even better experience when they download it from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

Your traveler will be prompted to enter their email address and be sent an email to LOAD TRIP which will load their trip inside the app and then be available for online and offline viewing.




We hunted down a few bugs to make your life easier:

  • YouTube embeds stopped working (they changed the URLs!) ✅ FIXED
  • Select "All that Apply" form fields - when not required would not allow no selection ✅ FIXED


The creators of YouLi - Best Software For Group Trips are now available for your custom web development projects.

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💳💳💳 Dashboard Search 💳💳💳

New release and new stuff just for you! 

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