Brand options on trip pages to sell for multiple agencies in one account

Introduced in v1.109

Enterprise Plans ONLY

Using Branding Options on Trip Pages

If the Trip Owner has Brand Options enabled, click to UPDATE TRIP-> SETTINGS.

Then choose from the down menu labeled "Branding Option"




If your account is configured to having Branding options, they will appear in the drop down like this. 


Changing the selected Branding Option will immediately change the appearance of the Trip Page.


Configuring Branding Options

To setup your Branding Options, open a ticket. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of the option to appear in the select box
  • Logo file
  • Link Logo to URL
    • i.e.
  • Brand color (in HEX)
    • I.e. #4524BA
  • Text font 
    • Arial
    • Montserrat
    • Lucida
    • Open Sans
    • Raleway
    • Times
    • Verdana
  • Text Color in HEX
    • i.e. #000 (white)
    • i.e. #fff (black)