Save your Itinerary on your Phone: Get the YouLi Trip Mobile App for online and offline access

The YouLi mobile app makes it easy for your travelers to access their trips on the go.


Download the mobile Trip App

Once the app is installed, 

  1. From the trip invitation email on your phone, click the link will take you to your trip page in your mobile browser
  2. Then click LOAD IN APP to load in the installed app

WARNING: Be sure to give the app time to download all your documents before going offline

TIP: Just click the cloud to go online and the refresh icon to download trip updates when back online

Now go offline!

We know that travel should be all about getting immersed and shutting off your phone, but we often can't completely disconnect. 

Especially if you need to check what time breakfast is, it's nice to be able to quickly reference your itinerary whether you're online or offline.

That's why the YouLi Trip mobile app allows travelers to save their Trip Page offline for viewing. 

The app will detect a signal and offer to go online, but you can remain in offline mode to avoid roaming charges.

Are you a Trip Organizer? 

Read more about the app here


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