How-to: Apply a Credit To Your Traveler's Invoice

Do you need to transfer a Traveler from one trip to another? Maybe you want to offer a Traveler a discount. If so, this article might be for you!

What does applying a credit mean exactly?

This means that you can put credit onto a deposit or installment so that your travelers will see that part of their trip cost as paid. PLUS, you can name the credit whatever you want; that way, it is super clear for both you and your traveler. 

This feature is for you if: 

  • You need to transfer funds from one TRIP onto another TRIP
  • You want to give a discount

How do I apply a credit to your Traveler's Invoice? 

  1. Click to MANAGE PEOPLE, then click MANAGE next to the traveler's name
  2. Select APPLY CREDIT from the drop-down


3. Next, customize the title, name, and more: 


INSTALLMENT - Make sure to choose the installment you want the credit to go against. If you choose the deposit or installment, then the traveler will not receive those automatic reminders. If you choose the -do not apply option- then the traveler will still get reminders for all of your set installments. 

Select DO NOT APPLY TO INSTALLMENT if you do not want it to account against one of the installments. This could come in handy when giving a discount. 



This is where you can customize the label for the credit. You can specify what it is for your records and for the traveler's records. This will show up on the traveler's invoice. 


Credit Amount

Specify how much the credit is for in this area! Take note, you do have the ability to make this number negative to subtract from the total cost if you want. 


Received Payment Date

This is where you choose the date for the credit to be recorded on. 


Planner Note

This area is just for you! Leave any notes you have for yourself as the Planner so that you can look back later and remember any details for this credit. 


Make sure to check the box to send a confirmation email if you want to notify your traveler!