What is a Starter Travel Website?

Simple, fast, effective and SEO optimized travel website you can launch in days without a Developer.



TIP: The Starter Website is the perfect place to start when you are beginning your business. Simply upgrade to an annual Plus or Grow plan to activate.

Case Study - Launch a Website in Days, Not Weeks

Learn how Melanated Travel launched their website in days (instead of weeks or months).

6 Steps to launch in days, not weeks!

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What is a YouLi Starter Website?

YouLi Starter Website includes the essential features every travel website needs. It integrates seamlessly with your YouLi TRIP PAGES.

The following pages are already formatted, so all you need is to define the branded look and add content:   

  • Home - Includes your BROCHURE TRIPS and/or Trips you are taking bookings on
  •  About - This will include your avatar photo and business blurb
  • Contact Form - a contact form that sends you an email with inquiries:
    • Automatically sends to the email on your account
    • Automatically sends the customer a copy with your email
  • Find Your Trip
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions


Why launch your trips with a YouLi Starter Website? 

  • Fast & secure delivery - unlike generic DIY websites, YouLi templates are designed specifically to showcase your group experiences and won't overwhelm you with unnecessary settings. We will also take care of the GDS compliance and perform all the updates, so you don't have to worry about maintenance.  
  • Fast load speeds - YouLi Starter websites are optimized to run fast, which is critical for your SEO scoring and pleasant customer experience.  
  • Integrated Google Analytics - including GA4
  • Give yourself time to build - custom website development may take months. While you are building your full website, you can take advantage of the essential YouLi Starter starter website, then transfer your domain and all the content to your custom-made web. 
  • Branded FIND YOUR TRIP page

TIP: As an awesome bonus, there will be a branded "Find Your Trip" button on the homepage. This is for customers who have registered on Trips and/or Booked (paid their Deposit); they can enter their email address to get their Magic Link, which takes them to their personalized Trip Page (so they don’t bug you!).

    • Here is an example of the FIND YOUR TRIP feature, using our client, Working Without Borders. Note that this page is branded in the same colors you chose for your TRIP PAGES. 
  • Illustrations (5)At the bottom of the website, we will link to your PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS & CONDITIONS.

NOTE: YouLi hosts your domain securely (includes SSL cert) & includes White Label Domain for your Trip Pages for all Starter Website annual plans (client must commit to 12 months on this subscription).

Here are some examples of a YouLi Website

How do I get a YouLi Starter Website?


How do I launch my Starter Website?

  •  Someone from YouLi Support will reach out to you about setting up your domain. 
  • If you don't hear from us, please open up a Support Ticket

Before opening the ticket, make sure you have the following

  • Your purchased domain (i.e. mynewtravelcompany.co.uk)
  • The name of your Domain Registrar (i.e. GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc)
  • Access to the Domain Registrar so you can update the Domain Name Servers per our instructions - we can help with this for a consulting fee.

NOTE: Only one domain is included in the Starter Website annual plan. If your domain is already being hosted by your current website, that's okay, your site will just be down for a bit while we switch it over to your Starter Website (during the set up).

TIP: YouLi doesn't register domains, we recommend using an established registrar like Google Domains. However, we can work with any registrar.


Will the website be under my company brand? 

YouLi-powered websites are WHITE-LABELED. That means YOUR domain, YOUR business logo, YOUR colors, YOUR content. The only thing that will indicate the YouLi platform is a small "powered by YouLi" logo on the bottom of the screen. 


How long will it take for my website to get set up? 

It's a super quick process. Essentially all you have to do is

  1. Set up your YouLi account and Upgrade to Plus or Grow Annual
  2. Fill out your profile, branding and site settings, things like: font, logo, and more.
  3. Pick an amazing banner image
  4. Tell people about your company, add your terms and privacy policy
  5. Start publishing amazing trips on your website!


CAUTION: Once your YouLi starter website is live, do not change your DNS to point at a new website without contacting us. This will break all your trip links. Any support related to broken DNS will result in a charge starting at US$120.

So, what is NOT included in a YouLi Web website? 

  • The template is fixed to a default YouLi style - but this provides a canvas that becomes very branded with the right banner and content

  • Only the pages listed above are included, more pages cannot be added

NOTE: Set up of Zapier to integrate YouLi with your CRM or email marketing is not included, but it is an option → Book a Consulting call if you’re not sure how to do this on your own.

Not sure if the YouLi Starter Website is what you want?

We have custom website options if your budget allows more creativity.

Watch the webinar to learn the details: 

Need more help? 

Connect to our team and discuss your web development options. Launching your travel website is easier than you think. Submit a Support Ticket for more information