Affiliates | How to Invite an Affiliate to Refer or Sell your Trips for a Commission Fee


Ready to grow by offering a commission or referral fee to Travel Agents and Ambassadors? Time to get started with the YouLi Affiliate feature. 


Why use YouLi for Affiliate referral tracking?

  1. It's easy to invite them from your Account
  2. YouLi manages the affiliate users for you, they login to YouLi and we take care of their onboarding
  3. When they login, they can view ALL your PUBLIC trips 
    • only PRIVATE trips are hidden from them
    • Remember they can also see your non-Listed PUBLIC trips
  4. They can search by trip name and destination 
  5. They can pre-register for their clients to select the right packages before sending the Magic Link to their client to complete checkout
  6. Complete transparency, YOU and the AFFILIATE can see which bookings have come from their code. 
  7. Affiliates can also help manage the booking, reminding them to pay and complete tasks since they have access to the TripBoard for all the people they refer.

Help For your Affiliates

Your Affiliates will be emailed a link to this document when they accept your invitation:

Your Guide to being an Affiliate - How-to sell trips on YouLi and make a comission


Feature available on ALL bookings enabled plans

Ready to dive in? Watch this workshop to understand how you invite your affiliates and how we track their referrals.


How do I add an affiliate to my sell my trips? 

Easy! All you need to do is go to your Account and then click into your Affiliates tab.

From there click the green Add Affiliate button to send an invite to your affiliate. 


When you add your affiliate you will be prompted to choose their affiliate code - this will be attached to all of their share trip links. It will also show up on your travelers' trip board in the SOURCE section. This way you can see which travelers have been referred from your affiliates. 


Things to note:

  1. If you are testing this feature, do not use the same email address as your account, try using a free gmail account to see what your affiliates will experience (or watch the video)
  2. Affiliates MUST accept their invitation in order to show in the referral reporting
  3. The Affiliate Code will default to their alias (based on their name) when the Affiliates sign-in if they don’t want to set it
    • If you are importing from another platform and want to keep the existing code or have a code naming convention, be sure to enter the code when inviting them
  4. Commission note is shown to you when reviewing your referral lists as a way to remember your agreement. So it can be things like:
    • "10% base and 5% bonus when hitting targets"
  5. The Commission Rate is used to calculate commission accrued.
    • Each Affiliate can be assigned a different commission rate
    • This number is treated as a percentage and applied to the BASE package or personalized price for the booked traveler
    • Set this number to 0 and leave a commission note if you are just tracking leads (not paying commission on booking)
  6. Internal notes are like Planner notes - but only the Team can see them, not the Affiliate
  7. The Invitation Note is sent in the invitation email that your affiliate will receive so that they can create their account and start selling your trips! 
    • Make it friendly!

How to see my referrals?

  1. Click to your DASHBOARD
  2. Click the REPORTS tab


You will see a list of all referrals from invited Affiliates. 

Your Affiliate will see ONLY their referrals in this same report.


Manage Commission and Lead Generation Payments

Your Affiliate agreement will determine when + how you pay for your referrals. YouLi reporting provides you a convenient way to track this but DOES NOT make the payments for you.

TIP: Scroll to the right to see whether the tasks have been completed for those bookings in case you require profile information to be completed by your affiliate to earn a commission.

Here's an example of an Affiliate Referrals report. It includes a number of different cases:

  1. AFFILIATE 2 is only being paid for leads
  2. CLAIRE STAGING AFFILIATE has accrued $450 in commission but it won't be paid until after the DATE TRIP ENDS (24 JUL 2022)
  3. There is a CANCELLED booking, so no commission is accrued
  4. There are two NOT BOOKED referrals, which you or your Affiliates could be working to convert




How is Your Affiliate Commission Calculated? 

Affiliate commissions are ONLY calculated based on the base package prices or personalized prices. This means your affiliates will NOT receive any commission from additional itinerary items you allow your travels to add onto their trip. Affiliate commissions will also not account for any taxes or fees that your travelers may be required to pay. 


Creating Affiliate Agreements for Success

If you don't already have your affiliates' agreements in place, you'll want to take the time to get that right, watch our Masterclass to learn how to set up your program for success. We have experts from the operator and agent sides to discuss the considerations.

If you want to purchase a copy of that template from Katie, click here.


Tracking ALL lead sources

In addition to affiliate tracking, we know you have other sources, so be sure to check out our FREE YouLi Academy where we teach everyone how to use our source tracking to track ALL referrals.