How-to: Collect Dietary Requirements or Dietary Restrictions for your Travelers using Tasks

Need to collect Dietary requirements from your Travelers but not sure how? All you need to do is create a Task! 

How to collect dietary requirements and preferences 

1. Create a new TASK

  • From there, you will be able to customize the task to fit exactly what you need to know for the dietary restrictions and requirements your travelers might have. 
  • You will need to choose the REQUIRED RESPONSE TYPE that works best for the information you are trying to collect

What Response Type should you use for collecting dietary information?

There is no right answer when choosing your Response Type. When creating the TASK, consider what format you want the data. Do you want it to be restricted or flexible?

Below are some options that we think are best for this scenario:

    • This allows you to provide a set list of options
    • Here's an example of what this could look like when included in a custom form:

    • this is great if you are flexible and want to allow them to tell you their preferences rather than restrict them to preset options
    • Here's an example of what this could look like:



Need more help? 

Reach out to the YouLi Support Team via the chat box at the bottom of your screen or submit a Support Ticket request. If you need more advanced support, schedule a 1:1 Consulting session with one of our experts, and we will walk through Traveler flow options & best practices.