How-to: Pull a Report By Invitation Group Or Rooming List

Pulling a report is easy in YouLi. Filter Travelers based on Invitation Group, Status, or more to export a report.



Pulling reports by traveler status

You can choose to pull a report from MANAGE PEOPLE by traveler status and export their information to a .CSV like Excel - here, you can view Packages, Rooming List, and more all in one place. 


  • Filter your view or report based on the traveler status you want to pull. You can choose from different Registration and Payment statuses on YouLiScreen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_4.28.34_PM.png

  • You Use the search bar to filter by Invitation group or packageScreen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_5.09.49_PM.png


  • Select all and then click the EXPORT SELECTEDExport_giff.gif


The report shows each row as one of your travelers and will include information such as: 

  • Trip Name
  • Traveler Status
  • Reference Code
  • Booking Date (if this is not populated, it means the invitation group has not made a payment)
  • Traveler Name
  • Traveler Email
  • Traveler DOB
  • Traveler Phone
  • Invitation Group Name 
  • Extra Invitation Group Traveler Name
  • Extra Invitation Group Traveler DOB



Then you will see the invoice summary and more:

  • Package
  • Room 
    • This will either be the Room entered by the Planner - regardless of whether they are booked OR
    • If configured with Rooming Map, it will be the BOOKED ROOM selected by the traveler
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date
  • Number of Nights
  • Currency
  • Total Price
  • Paid
  • Owing
  • Planner Notes
  • Tracking Medium/Source



Want a customized Rooming Report?

Learn more about how to configure a Rooming Report with just the fields you need and counts of each room type.

Here is a helpful video if you are stuck :) 

Need a customized report?

Do you want to have set reports your staff can click to download and see only what is important? You need Custom Trip Reports.

Need more help?

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