Understanding Reporting in YouLi


There are so many ways you can pull reports or run reports in YouLi. In this help document, we will give an overview of all the different reports you can pull. 


Global Payments Report

You pull your global payments report by going to your dashboard, then clicking reports. From there, you will see that you have the ability to see the activity feed and payments across all of your trips.


If you want to export this information into a csv or excel, all you have to do is select all and then click the EXPORT SELECTED.  Want to learn more about the global payment report? Check it out in our help doc, how to see payments across all of your trips


Trip Payments Report 

The Trip Payments Report will show you the payment information by payment date for that specific trip. You find the Trip Payments Report by going to the Manage Payments and then clicking over into PAYMENTS. From there you select who you want to export to a csv or excel and click EXPORT SELECTED. 


Learn more about the Trip Payment Report in our help document How To Pull A Payment Excel or .csv for your YouLi Trip. 


Manage People Report - TWO TYPES 

You pull the manage people report by going to Manage People. From there you have the ability to pull two different types of reports. You can choose: 

  1. One row per person, including task & add-on responses
  2. One row per invitation group, including invoice summary 


We do a deep dive into each of these reports. Check out our help document about How To Pull a Report That Includes Tasks & Add-ons or How To Pull a Report by Invitation Group or a Rooming List.