HOW TO Pull A Payment Report in Excel for your YouLi Trip


Want to pull a report in YouLi for your your trip of all the payments that have occurred? Easy peasy. You can view all of the payments in your trip by going to Manage People and then clicking PAYMENTS. 


From there you select who you want to export to a csv or excel and click EXPORT SELECTED. 


Your excel sheet will show you: 

  • Who the payment ways made by
  • Reference Code
  • Selected Package
  • Room
  • Breakdown
  • Currency Type
  • Amount
  • Method
  • Type
  • Payment Date


Want to learn more about how you can reconcile your payments with Xero? Learn more about our Xero + YouLi Integration.


Plus, it will also show you: 

  • Tracking Medium
  • Tracking Source
  • Tracking Campaign
  • Tracking Referring URL
  • Tracking Referring Domain


Want to learn more about how YouLi helps you with source tracking? Check out our help document about source tracking