New Features - Paywall Content + Tasks & Export Rooming List - Release 1.103 - December 17th, 2020



Happy Holidays from our team to yours!

Sending you into 2021 with A WHOLE NEW SLEW of amazing features. 


Be sure to check out the new features we have for you below plus check out the awesome deal we have going until the end of the year so we can all finish 2020 with a win.

Want to learn more about past features YouLi has delivered? Discover all of our release notes here.  



👁️👁️👁️ Hide Tasks Until They Are Due

Have too many tasks and don't want to overwhelm your travelers? Well, good news. Now, you can hide tasks from your travelers until it is due. Take note: it becomes visible and if chosen to send automatic reminders will start one week prior to the booking date. 



📅📅📅 Make Tasks Due Relative To Booking Date

ALSO, want to be able to make a task due relative to booking date? Now you can!! This allows you to choose how many days after booking you want your travelers to complete the task you are creating. 



🚩🚩🚩 Turn Off Automated Reminders for Tasks

  • Want to turn off automated reminders for tasks for your travelers? You can do this easily by keeping the box unchecked to send automated reminders under that task. At any time you also have the ability to turn automated reminders back on at any time. 


  • Learn more about what type of task automatic reminders go out on your behalf in our help doc that shows in all: Automatic Email Reminders
  • Take Note: The ability to turn off automated reminders for tasks will be available for tasks due relative to booking date SOON. 


💲💲💲 Paywall Your Content Through YouLi Tasks

  • Have videos, training, photos, that you do not want anyone to get access to until they make their first payment on YouLi? NOW YOU CAN!
  • To hide your content until someone pays, switch the due date to be relative to the booking date and choose 0 days. Then select the Hide from travelers until due! This way your travelers will be able to only see the task once they have paid. 
  • Learn more about only showing your content once a participant has paid in our Discover How-To Paywall Your Content, videos, Trainings, PDF's, and more help doc. 


👭👭👭 Export by Invitation Group - AKA rooming list

Check it out! When you go to Manage People and click EXPORT SELECTED, you have the option to choose: 

  1. One row per person, including task responses
  2. One row per invitation group, including invoice summary 


This empowers you as the planner to pull reports that can serve as rooming reports when your traveler's rooms are based on an invitation group. You can export these lists by going to Manage People and then clicking EXPORT SELECTED. 


🧭🧭🧭 Planner can set Arrival & Departure Dates

Have travelers who choose to stay longer or cut their trip short? Now, YouLi has made it easier for you to specify the personalized arrival and departure dates that may be different from the set trip dates.


You can adjust your travelers arrival and departure dates by going to Manage People and then clicking EDIT for the person you want to update. You can also Edit a travelers profile by clicking their name and editing them from their traveler TripBoard


🎂🎂🎂 DOB available for Planners to Add

Planners now have the ability to add Date of Birth to the profile of their travelers. 


Add your travelers date of birth by going to Manage People and then clicking EDIT for the person you want to update. You can also Edit a travelers profile by clicking their name and editing them from their traveler TripBoard


DEPRECATED Dietary Requirements no longer on EDIT PROFILE (use tasks instead)

  • We got a lot of feedback that dietary requirements was lost in the profile, so you can now ignore that and just make a task to collect it instead (which most of you were doing anyway).
  • If you already had it in use on a trip, it will still appear. 
  • It will not appear on any NEW trips you create.


🟢🟢🟢 Clearer Registration Type or Status Edit Capabilities

Now, when you go to update the Registration status for your travelers, it will be clearer selections. You can edit the Registration Type by going to Manage People and then clicking EDIT for the traveler you want to update. Learn more about Registration and Booking Status on YouLi in our dedicated help doc: Registration Status | Understanding Registration & Booked (Payment) Status





📝📝📝 Payment Reporting Across ALL Trips

Great news! Now you can access reporting on your dashboard about all the payments on ALL the trips you have in YouLi. Be sure to check out your Global Payment Report now!




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