How-to: Set Minimum Occupancy (Room Capacity) On Your Packages

Setting a Room Capacity allows you to specify the number of people that are required to book that Package. This feature is for those of you who need Travelers to book as a couple or the price is based on the number of people that sign up together.


IMPORTANT: A change occurred on March 23, 2023 where the field labeled as BOOKING SIZE (ROOM CAPACITY) now says MIN OCCUPANCY PER ROOM / BOOKING. This is the same thing, so it will behave as documented here. 🙂

Read the release notes here for details on the change

How do I set a Room Capacity?

  1. From your TRIP MENU, click on UPDATE TRIP > PRICING and make sure you've already added a PACKAGE
  2. The default minimum occupancy on a PACKAGE is 1, but if you want to change this, you can click MANAGE > EDIT under that specific PACKAGE
  3. Adjust the MIN OCCUPANCY PER ROOM / BOOKING to a different number, which will force the booking to book that PACKAGE for that number of people

EXAMPLE: In the image below, the Minimum Occupancy Per Room / Booking is set to 2. This means that anyone who books this Package will be required to have two people book on that Package and will add them to an Invitation Group with both people.


What does Room / Booking Capacity look like for your Travelers? 

  • When your Travelers are on a PACKAGE that has a minimum occupancy of two or higher, they will see the number required (including people icons) underneath the name of the PACKAGE and before the description. mceclip1.png


  • At the top of their INVOICE, they will also see the "NUMBER IN GROUP," which will automatically get updated, based on the OCCUPANCY on that specific PACKAGE.



  • If your Traveler intends to register alone, but selects a PACKAGE that requires them to have more people, they will automatically have the extra Travelers added to their INVOICE and an INVITATION GROUP will be created.
     Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 4.14.49 PM
  • After filling out the registration form, they will be prompted to:
    1. Choose their PACKAGE

    Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 4.16.15 PM
    2. Pay their DEPOSIT
    3. Then add in their INVITATION GROUP MEMBER(S) name(s)
    Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 4.21.17 PM


Are you, instead, looking to allow your Travelers to sign up for your Trip in an Invitation Group?

If so, check out the following video tutorial!

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