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Not sure where to start from the YouLi - Login or Sign-up page?


LOG IN: Welcome back

  1. Enter your email first to be prompted for your password
    • if you are prompted to enter anything other than your password, it is the wrong email address, try another one or open a ticket to ask us which one you used.
    • you can always click Forgot Password if you forgot! 

  2. Forgotten your email? Try another email if you are prompted to SIGN UP FOR FREE. Just click the pencil next to your email to go back and enter a different one. Open a ticket if you can't guess.
  3. If you have a white-label domain, be sure you're using it. Open a support ticket, if you're not sure.

SIGN UP: Make a NEW account

There's a small form to complete:

  1. Tell us about yourself so we can give you a better experience
  2. Choose a SECURE password and save to a Password Manager
    • Must be at least 8 characters long
    • Must contain Uppercase, lowercase, special character and numbers
    • Mix it up, please do not use the same password as you do on other sites

Once you register...



Lucky you, you've been invited by one of our clients to use YouLi to manage your trip!

Simply enter your email address and you will be:

  • Emailed a link to your Trip Page 
  • You can sign up to access ALL of your trips, in one place