Trip Pricing Mode: Brochure vs. Bookings

How to turn your Group Itinerary into a Booking Page that converts.

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TIP: YouLi Trip Pages are very flexible. You can use them as landing pages to collect expressions of interest and make them Booking/Sales Pages when you're ready to take payments/bookings.


How to update the Trip Pricing Mode

  • From your TRIP MENU, click UPDATE TRIP (the pencil icon) and then click PRICING to see your TRIP PRICING MODE
  • You can toggle between the two modes
  • Click SAVE CHANGES once you have decided on the correct TRIP PRICING MODE for your flow



Brochure Mode

NOTE: Choose "Brochure Mode" to offer estimated pricing. 

With Brochure Mode you can

  • Share beautiful itineraries with HIGLIGHTS and images that bring your trip to life
  • Collect email registrations for expressions of interest
  • Request email registrations for free events
  • Assign TASKS for form completion and travel document collection
  • Display trip ideas (via itinerary / highlights), but the inability to pay, to garner interest which can then help you create a custom trip for your traveler

TIP: You can switch your Trip Pricing Mode anytime! Just be sure to click "Save Changes" and you'll see the change reflected on your Trip Page.


Bookings Mode

NOTE: Choose "Bookings Mode" to offer finalized pricing. 

With Bookings Mode you can:

TIP: Still not sure which mode is right for your Trip? Go ahead and pick one, see how you go, and change it as need to!

Need more help? 

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