HOW TO upload extra image, photo, or picture into a description


Want to upload photo? Embed a photo? Add a photo to a description?

This feature is currently available on all accounts. But will become a premium feature in 2021.

Description fields that show the image icon in the toolbar allow uploading of images. We still recommend using images as highlights instead for a clean look on the Trip Page.

Use this feature to include a partner logo or a larger image in an Itinerary. 

Where can I add a photo?

  1. Trip summary - we also recommend click the "Media Embed" button to add a video
  2. Highlight item description
  3. Itinerary item description
  4. Task description
  5. Pricing explanation

Upload an image into a description by uploading it from your computer



Upload an image into a description by copy + paste it from your computer

You can to use the keyboard shortcuts, control + v (Windows) or Command + v (Mac)  to paste into the description input area: 



We release improvements every month, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and watch for our release updates. We plan to extend the ability to add images by uploading soon!


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