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At YouLi, we do things a little differently because we know that algorithms donโ€™t create the best travel experiences, only the best organizers do. And those organizers are you!

So we have created a platform that empowers you to create the Sales Pages for transformational retreats.

What is Retreat Sales Pages

We collaborated with Dr. Sheri Rosenthal
to create her style of SALES PAGES 
that fill your retreats.

Special Offer for the members of Wanderlust Entrepreneur

PREMIUM TRIP is great when you're just getting started with one trip in the next 1-2 years. 

Buy it now, and use it whenever you're ready.

  1. --> Pay for your premium trip <--- (only $397 USD)
  2. Create an empty trip with the name of your planned retreat
  3. Open a support ticket with the name of your trip to start the process

See Sales Page in Action

Dr. Sheri has shared her content from a past trip as an example of what your Sales Page could look like.
---> Check out the Sample Sales Page here <----



What you can do with your retreat SALES PAGE powered by YouLi: 

  • Take DIRECT BOOKINGS using a Special Page style designed by Dr Sheri Rosenthal
  • Market your RETREATS via AFFILIATES with easily trackable referral links (NEW)
  • Enjoy low BOOKING FEE and scale smart
  • Manage GROUP PAYMENTS with ease: 
    Money settles to your Stripe or Square - we don't hold your money


Additional YouLi Benefits:

+ MOBILE APP for your retreat guests โœจ

+ Automated REMINDERS & TASKS for Travelers - save time on admin work collecting all those waivers, forms, and documents

+ Secure DOCUMENT SHARE HUB - no more long emails and PDF exchange, all files are saved securely on one dashboard. 

+ Perfect collaboration tools for Co-Planners & Trip Coordinators


๐Ÿ‘‰  Use this link to create your account and claim your sample trip ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿพ

Trip Page vs. Sales Page

NOTE: As you are reading our documentation, anywhere you see ""Trip Page", it means Sales Page for you. We renamed it to fit the blueprint designed by Dr. Sheri Rosenthal.  

Creating A Sales Page

  1. Set up your BRANDING, font and page color
  2. Create your first retreat SALES PAGE
  3. Publish your SALES PAGE

IMPORTANT: If you run more than 2 retreats a year, we recommend subscribing to one of our monthly/annual packages to save on transaction fees and get access to premium features.


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