Zapier + YouLi Integration | Connect your platforms with YouLi and vice versa



 We offer personalized 1:1 Zapier consults. Book in time and we will seamlessly integrate your platforms on the call. 


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. AND NOW, you can find YouLi on Zapier. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. 

Create your zapier account:

Already ready to create a zap? Zapier walks you through how to create a zap and choose triggers:


What 'zaps' can you connect? 

In Zapier terms, a zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs. A trigger is an event that starts a Zap.

A trigger for example, could be a traveler entering their email onto one of your YouLi Trip Pages. The Zap would then be that email entered into YouLi being sent to your CRM. 


Send Registrations From YouLi to Your CRM

Connect YouLi to your CRM or Email Service Provider. Next time someone shows interest in your YouLi trip and enters their email... have that automatically input into your CRM too! This will allow you to keep your CRMs and email systems up to date.

You have the option to create a zap that passes on YouLi registrations from just one trip or from ALL of your trips. 




Why is this so powerful you ask? Well, when someone registers on one of your YouLi Trips you can pass through information to your CRM or Email Marketing System such as: 

  • Name
  • Reference Code
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Mini Bio
  • Registration Status
  • Registration Date 
  • Registration Message
  • Planner Note
  • Invitation Group Name & Members
  • Trip Name
  • Trip ID
  • Magic Link
  • Tracking Source
  • Tracking Medium



Send CRM to YouLi for Registrations

Want to add people to a YouLi trip from your CRM? Use Zapier to automatically add someone to a specific YouLi Trip when you change something in that person's account on your CRM.

YouLi Hint: This can be an easy way to BULK UPLOAD. 





Do you want more Zap triggers like reminders and payments? Us too. No worries more Zapier triggers to come. 


Need some help making your first zap or running into some issues? We help you make your first zap with YouLi & troubleshoot some issues in our How do I make my first zap help doc


 We offer personalized 1:1 Zapier consults if you have specific content you need to pass through from YouLi into your CRM or vice versa. Book in time and we will seamlessly integrate your platforms on the call.