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Welcome to the Partner Support Page for the Transformational Travel Council Allies!

This is your go-to place for any questions you have (search them in the search bar).
Plus you can reach out to us, the YouLi Support Team, in the chat box on the bottom right, here, or on the YouLi Platform.


Quick intro

 At YouLi, we do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. And those organizers are you! 

So we have created a platform that empowers you to create transformational travel experiences before, after, and during your trip.

After 3 years of close partnership, YouLi and the Transformational Travel Council have co-created the COMMUNITY PLATFORM for the TTC Allyship. 

The new TTC Community Platform powered by YouLi gives the Allies space to showcase their profiles and travel experiences, and opens new opportunities to establish business partnerships. 

Watch the 3-min introduction to your TTC Community profile by the Co-Founder of YouLi, Jennifer Fein: 

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The YouLi platform empowers you as a TTC Ally to:

  • Create beautiful & accessible TRIP PAGES - interactive itineraries that are personalized to every Traveler, and Co-Planner, and save your time updating multiple PDFs.  
  • Collect BOOKING PAYMENTS for your trips via Credit Card, Paypal, Direct Bank transfers, and even a donation link. 
  • Simplify your registration forms, digital signatures, and document exchange with AUTOMATED TASKS for your travelers.
  • Give your Travelers convenient access to their itinerary and all trip documents even when offline in a MOBILE APP powered by YouLi (available with YouLi PRO)


TTC Allyship

IMPORTANT: If you haven't created your account yet, use πŸ‘‰ THIS LINK TO CREATE and pick your level. Choose between "Small", "Medium" and "Large" depending on the size of your organization.

new ttc checkout - no individual plan

TTC Allyship Community Profiles Powered by YouLi

NOTE: The UPCOMING TRIPS you publish under a Business Allyship are visible publicly and searchable. You can direct to them as BOOKING PAGES, so both, Allies and Travelers who are not Allies can EXPRESS INTEREST and/or BOOK spots on your Trips. You also can share your Booking Pages outside of the community. 

  • 🚫 Individual members get a COMMUNITY PROFILE that allows visibility within the community, but cannot be shared publicly.

UPDATE: Individual plans are no longer available. Please select the monthly Small Business to get started

Screenshot 2022-08-14 154055 

🌟Additionally, TTC Allies enjoy 🌟 

  • Transformational Trip Template designed by Tanner Colton
  • Complimentary Onboarding from the YouLi Support Team 
  • TTC-exclusive educational webinars & ongoing Community Webinars. 

Managing your payment method

From the ACCOUNT menu β†’ USER PROFILE tab 

You have 2 subscriptions on this page: 

1. Your YouLi Subscription is under "Your Details" (top of the page)

- Here you can manage your YouLi plan, upgrade and update Credit Card information. 

2. Your TTC Allyship is under your "Communities" (bottom of the page)
- Click "Manage My Plan" to update the payment method for your TTC membership. 

NOTE: As as YouLi user you can be part of multiple Communities, including your own. 


How to Cancel TTC Allyship / Refund Policy

In regards to the TTC Allyship, except as set out in this agreement, all sales are final.

You are able to cancel your TTC Alllyship at any time from the platform

manage plan - ttc membership
No Refunds will be given in regards to your Ally membership. Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the termination of this Agreement for whatever reason.
 Once you have paid, you are paid for the term you signed. Either 12 months or 1 month depending on your TTC Allyship.

Creating your Trip Pages (Bookings Pages) in YouLi

If this is your first time building an itinerary in YouLi, we've created a whole collection of content to help!

  1. Set up your logo, font, page color, and website backlink!
  2. Create your first TRIP PAGE
  3. Publish your TRIP PAGE


Listing your Trip Pages on the TTC website

As a TTC Ally, you can publish and list your TRIP PAGES (itineraries) under your profile UPCOMING TRIPS on the TTC website. See the example below. 

Screenshot 2022-08-16 145308

IMPORTANT: For the first year of 2022, the TTC will not be charging any fees for listing your trip on the TTC website. You will only be paying the YouLi booking fee for credit card payment. 


NOTE: You can reduce the booking fee by upgrading to a YouLi premium subscription and switching to the no-fee payment options (like direct bank transfer, Zelle, or "Pay by Phone" options). 

To be sure your TRIPS are listed, check the mark LISTED under the UPDATE TRIP menu tab. 

Screenshot 2022-08-16 144710

NOTE: As a YouLi user, you can always integrate the TRIP PAGES you created in YouLi into your own website.  


Want to know more about how YouLi fits with your website?


Want to optimize the TTC partnership with YouLi?

Of course, who wouldn't right! We are constantly updating and bettering our technology. Discover ALL kinds of ways you can take your TRIP PAGE: 

NOTE: To ask questions about your TTC membership, contact the TTC team at