Getting Paid | How YouLi Makes Getting Bookings Easy


Getting paid is what makes Group Travel possible. So, here at YouLi we want to make payments as EASY as possible for you. 


Some YouLi competitors hold your money until AFTER the trip...we think that's crazy.

Here's the quick checklist to getting paid using YouLi Trip Pages:

  1. Connect to your Stripe or Square account so you can get paid on your terms.
  2. Change the call to action button to "BOOK NOW" on your Trip Pages
    • We keep our registration forms simple so you capture people's email addresses first, then prompt for deposit next.
  3. Create packages by setting the base price to the cheapest one and then creating Itinerary Add-Ons.
  4. Create unlimited installments, fixed or %, and these adjustments based on the options that have been selected.
  5. Chose the payment method that is best for your audience. 
  6. Get ready to push your payments to Xero for easy invoicing and reconciling of payments. 
  7. Click to Share Trip and start driving traffic to your Page!
  8. Watch your YouLi activity feed and emails for alerts when people register and book!
  9. Watch your Stripe or Square dashboard for settlement dates
  10. Watch your bank account for cash!

Remember, focus on getting that deposit first THEN you can get all the passport and extra details from them before the trip using Tasks. If our standard Task Responses aren't enough, you can make Custom Forms.