New Features: Time to +Add to Calendar - Release 1.89 - April 30, 2020

We might still be in quarantine & social distancing but that does not mean we cannot keep exploring. We continuously improving our software so you can continue to help people explore new adventures in quarantine or plan for future ones in new places.


Check out our latest features below & join us for some of our virtual events!

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+All-in-one place

Time for the whole trip

Previously, you could only add time to your ITINERARY ITEMS, now you can set a time on the entire TRIP. 

We know that right now we aren't running a lot of multi-day experiences, so while you're focused on single day or even 1 hour experiences, you can still use your YouLi TRIP PAGES to manage them.

This is a great way to use your Trip Pages as registration pages for your Online Immersive Experiences, like the one we ran with Chris Wurden.

Here's how it will look on your YouLi Page


Here's how you set it up as a Planner

Simply uncheck the "Multi-day (no set time)" box under the Trip Start Date under UPDATE TRIP.


TIP: Click on the date in the header of the trip to jump to edit the date and time




+Easy to use - For your Travelers

Add to calendar - single event

  • When you set a time on your TRIP, automatically an +ADD TO CALENDAR option will appear so guests can click and add to their calendar.
  • This will automatically appear in THEIR Timezone on their calendar and in some cases add a reminder.



Add time to your Trip and check out how easy it is to add to calendar when you preview your Trip Page



Add to calendar - Many events, one Itinerary

  • If you are using your pages to organize multi-day or many events in the same schedule, you will see the ADD TO CALENDAR option as an icon on each itinerary item.
  • Note that your people will see their Magic Link added to their calendar so they can always refer back to the YouLi Page and see their personalized content.
  • If you put a video link in the LOCATION, it will work as expected when added to the Calendar so they can click straight to the video call or come to the YouLi page and click from there.


+Lock in savings - Limited time only

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