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How-to: Create a Trip Template for Sharing with Referrals (other Planners) and Get Credit as a Referral Partner

Learn how affiliate marketing can help you get more trip bookings and receive commissions

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We love our Planners who create Trips, and we know that it takes a lot to plan a retreat, destination event, adventure tour, or transformational experience.

We know that many of our Planners found us through their network of mentors, coaches, and colleagues in the travel industry. That's why we have a PARTNER PROGRAM for those who refer other Planners to use YouLi.

From within YouLi, open a ticket to become a Partner

TIP: As a Partner, you can make a Template to show your contacts what amazing things you can do with YouLi TRIP PAGES.

Watch this video to see how YouLi Trip Templates are shared with those who don't use YouLi yet. 

When you share the TEMPLATE LINK with people - we can see how many Planners sign up with your TEMPLATE CODE and your contacts get a personalized sample trip on signup!


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