New Features - Itinerary Add-ons & Share Trip Links - Release 1.85 - Mar 2020


This update is all about EASY. Because we make group travel easy for planners and travelers. 


We all know that asking people to add a little extra to their cart when they are already making a purchase is effective (how often do you say yes when asked "do you want fries with that?").

Marketers call it "up-selling", and we call them "Add-ons".  They are super-charged Optional Items and they look like this on the Trip Page:

So what's changed?

You'll see a new option when you're creating/editing Highlight and Itinerary Items: the ITEM PRICE.

There are three options:


  1. Non-optional: that means everyone who goes on the trip gets this item, they can't accept or decline it. This is the default, and all current NON-OPTIONAL items will have this value. 
    • NOTE: The COST LABEL field is no longer available for these items. Anyone who had a cost value set for a non-optional item will see the text moved to the description field. <== open a chat with any questions.
  2. Make optional: Add-on prepaid prior to trip
    • This is the new feature, you must select this to have your items change the price on the invoice - we are not changing any of your items automatically.
    • A numeric price value is REQUIRED. If you don't have a set price, then you probably want the next option.
    • This amount is added to the traveler invoice before they make their first payment. It is PER PERSON and adds to their base price. Their base price might be the Trip Price or it could be a Personalized Price. Check Manage Payments to review. 
    • The item currency is always the Trip currency. If you want a local currency then you probably want the next option.
    • The RESPONSE DUE DATE restricts this item to only be available BEFORE the due date. After the date passes (in the trip timezone), it cannot be selected by travelers.
  3. Make optional: Free or pay on the day
    • Any items that had the OPTIONAL ITEM checkbox before this update will now be set to this type.
    • This option is great for things that travelers can select but cannot (or don't need to) pre-pay.
    • A PRICE LABEL is shown to allow and explanation of any costs that might be incurred if they select the option, but these cannot be collected through YouLi

==> This feature is currently available on all packages. <==

Click into your trip and edit your Highlights/Itinerary or Read more to learn how you can use it in a few creative ways.

This is just the first of many exciting changes to the invoice & itinerary. We will be regularly improving over the next couple of months. If you have feedback, be sure to open a chat so we can respond to your feedback.


👏👏 Put your hands together for an easy SHARE THIS TRIP link now at the top of your Trip Page when you are previewing or VIEWING AS one of your travelers. 




You can now share the trip link - even if it is a private trip. Plus, now you can grab the magic link or trip link from both your trip dashboard AND when you are previewing the Trip Page. 




Once you click on the SHARE THIS TRIP, the popup allows you to grab the magic link for a specific traveler or for the public Trip Page. 




👏👏 Claps for all of that easy sharing 👏👏 



When you look at Manage Payments, you'll see another option in the FILTER:


If you want to know who is really booked (going) on the trip, select PAYMENT MADE. 

If you want to see who is booked in, but hasn't paid their full balance, select the new PAYMENT MADE & STILL OWING




Some clients have already been experiencing the joy of having travelers register their travel companions into a single invitation group. 

This means they can pay together and complete tasks quickly for all travelers in the invitation group.

Now anyone with a premium account (CREW and above) automatically has this feature available under EDIT TRIP -> SETTINGS