How-to: Connect Your Stripe Account to YouLi

Start taking bookings for your group trips via Stripe.

Payment Packages
Connect your payment gateway to accept credit cards. 

Stripe is software that empowers you to take credit card payments. And because YouLi is your all-in-one trip planning software, we enable you to link your Stripe account with your YouLi Trip Pages

BONUS: You can pass on the credit card fee as a Surcharge

WARNING: Co-planners and Trip Coordinators cannot update pricing information on Trips. Learn more about Trip User Roles.

How-to: Connect your Stripe account

  • Go to Your ACCOUNT and then click on the PAYMENTS tab.
  • You will need to create a Stripe account if you do not already have one. 
  • Only the Team Owner or Admins for the Team account can connect to the payment gateway, used for all TRIPS.



NOTE: Do you use Square to collect credit card payments? Reach out to YouLi Support via the chat box, to turn on the ability to set up Square, instead of Stripe. 

Activate credit card payments on your Trip Page

As a Trip Owner or a Team Member, click into your TRIP from the TRIP DASHBOARD, then...

  1. Click into the 'UPDATE TRIP' tab
  2. Click into the 'PRICING' tab, under 'UPDATE TRIP'
  3. Click on 'Switch to BOOKINGS MODE to start taking payments'.
  4. Scroll to 'PAYMENT METHODS', there you can select 'Collect Payments via Credit Card'. 

NOTE: If your Stripe does not show in the Trip, go back to your Account and check to make sure your Stripe Account is connected. 

Booking Fees vs. Merchant Fees

YouLi charges "booking fees" on payments made via Stripe unless you have an Enterprise account. Compare YouLi plans to reduce your booking fee.

Booking fees are in addition to the "merchant fees" charged by Stripe. 

You can see more about Stripe fees on their website (based on your country)

Get to know your Stripe account

Stripe is a robust platform for taking payments, get to know it, make sure your identity documents are correct, your statement descriptions are correct, etc.

Start here for Stripe guide to getting started


Need more help? 

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