How-to: Set Up Payment Methods For Your Travelers

Learn to choose the right payment method for your group trips - credit card bookings, direct bank transfer, PayPal, and more.

Depending on your package, there are up to 5 different PAYMENT METHODS you can choose to enable in your YouLi Trip for your Travelers to pay you. 

To activate PAYMENT METHODS on your Trip go to the UPDATE TRIP - PRICING tab. Click "Switch to BOOKINGS MODE to activate payments" in the header: 

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Plus with all of these payment options, you can specify the payment INSTALLMENTS, essentially telling your Travelers exactly what you want them to do. 

You also can customize the email that your Travelers get after making the payment. Did you hear that? YouLi will automate your payment emails for you. Here is how you save time and get less stressed!

Watch this video to review payments in action: 

Payment Methods YouLi offers

To activate these options, set up a standard pricing package on your trip, then enable one or all of the following five methods. This is controlled per Trip, so you can make one Trip with a CREDIT CARD only, and another Trip allows the option of a BANK TRANSFER. It's all up to you!

1. Credit Card via your preferred Gateway

Having your travelers pay you with a CREDIT CARD is always an option, no matter what plan you have. You can choose the gateway you prefer, but only one per account. 

  • Gateway fees vary by country and gateway.
    • Stripe
    • Square
    • Cybersource
  • What percentage YouLi booking fee depends on your YouLi Premium plan

IMPORTANT: YouLi offers 4 ways to take payments that are tracked as "PENDING" once initiated by the Traveler and allow the Planner to "Mark as Received" once they are confirmed. These options provide ways to avoid credit card fees or take advantage of other payment gateways/platforms your company may use like a donation platform or cruise booking platform.

Read more about No-Fee Direct Payment Methods

2. Bank Transfer

Easily provide BANK TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS in your YouLi Trip allowing Travelers to pay by direct deposit or wire transfer. You can even provide mailing instructions for checks.

This is only an option for premium YouLi plans


You can link your PayPal account to your YouLi Trip allowing for your Travelers to send their payments directly to you via 

This is only an option for premium YouLi plans

4. Pay Over Phone

If you offer it, you can allow your Travelers to pay over the phone. You can provide specific details and on the mobile version, Travelers can click to call. So they can easily pay with a click on the pay now button.

This is only an option for premium YouLi plans

5. Custom Payment Link

You can send your Travelers to any page to make a payment and we'll keep track so you know where to confirm payment. This is an excellent option for donation pages or links to Venmo.

This is only an option for premium YouLi plans

NOTE: To learn more about managing payments through YouLi, read through our Manage Payments Help Doc and discover how YouLi + Xero Integration can help simplify your payments from beginning to end. 

To learn even more about all of the PAYMENT METHODS you can watch our YouLi Help Video about Payment Methods.

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