What is a YouLi Traveler Account?

In YouLi, Travelers can access their personalized Trip Page(s) with or without a password, so creating an account is optional, but allows for them to see all of their YouLi Trips in one place (a Trip Dashboard).

Can Travelers access their Trip Page with a password?

  • Yes, but only if they make a YouLi Traveler account. 
  • This is not commonly done, but it is provided as an option in most of the automated messages sent to Travelers.


How will a Traveler know that they can create a YouLi Traveler account?

  • Once they are invited to a TRIP or register their interest, this verbiage will be included in the confirmation email, sent to your Traveler

  • This explains that the email they've received allows them to access their personalized TRIP PAGE securely without a password (using their Magic Link)
  • But if they'd prefer to access their TRIP PAGE with a password, they can make a YouLi Traveler account


If a Traveler clicks to "make an account"

  • They will be prompted to provide their name, password and select the kind of account they want to create
    • If they select "Traveler" they will be granted a Traveler account, which will give them access to all TRIPS tied to their email address (where they've either registered on a Trip or been invited to it) 


Check out our video tutorial on accessing a Trip with a password!


Need more help?

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