What is a YouLi Traveler Account?

Can Travelers Access their Trip with a Password?

Yes, they can, but only if they make a YouLi Traveler account. 

This is not commonly done, but it is provided as an option in most of the automated messages sent to Travelers.


They a message similar to the one below in small text towards the bottom of the email:

Save this email to access your trip without a password,
or make an account to access anytime with a password.

This is explaining that the email links allow them to access their page securely without a password (using the magic link)

However, if they'd LIKE to access with a password, they can make an account. 


If they click "make an account"

They will be prompted to provide name, password and select the kind of account they want. 

If they select "I am: Invited to a trip" they will get a Traveler account which gives them access to all trips with their email address registered or invited on it. 

Otherwise they will signup for a Planner account and be able to make trips.