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Learn how automated payment reminders can save you time when taking bookings for group trips.

Send Automated Payment Reminders For Your Bookings

Your Travelers that are registered on YouLi receive both AUTOMATIC PAYMENT REMINDERS & AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS CONFIRMATIONS. 

Payment Reminders 

  • Reminders are only enabled if INSTALLMENT DUE DATES are added. If no dates are set, then NO reminders are sent. DUE DATE is optional for the REMAINING BALANCE DUE but recommended to enable PAYMENT REMINDERS.
  • PAYMENT REMINDERS take priority over TASK REMINDERS. So if there is a PAYMENT and a TASK due on the same day, only the PAYMENT REMINDER will be sent.

NOTE: once on their TRIP PAGE, your Traveler will be prompted to complete the TASK after payment has been made in the banner at the bottom.

How do I turn on payment reminders? 

  • Turn on PAYMENT REMINDERS from the INSTALLMENT popup underneath the DUE DATE under the PRICING tab.  

    Screenshot 2022-07-19 141824

Choosing a Due Date


Reminders can only be sent if there is a due date set. There are three options for setting a due date:

  1. Specific date - enter any date you like from the calendar picker
  2. Relative to Registration Date - N days AFTER registration
  3. Relative to Trip Start Date (include personalized start dates) - N days BEFORE trip start date

Example of a payment reminder

The email shown below is the same in each of the three reminders except for the subject line, which indicates when the payment is due:

  • DUE SOON (1 week before Payment Due)
  • DUE (On Due Date)
  • OVERDUE (2 days after Due Date)

Payment Confirmations

A message is emailed after payment is made to confirm and thank your Traveler for paying. The Traveler will also receive a DIRECT PAYMENT PENDING email if they make a direct payment that needs to be confirmed by you as the Trip Planner. 

NOTE: Although your Traveler will receive the confirmation email that includes the PRICE, DATE, and ITEM, you also have the option to send a TAX INVOICE

 Example of a Payment Confirmation: 


PRO-TIP: Make yourself a Traveler on the Trip and go through some of the PAYMENTS & TASKS to experience and see the emails. Then when ready, delete yourself as a Traveler. 


Need more help?

Want to learn more about automatic emails that go out on your behalf through YouLi to your travelers such as who the emails come from or how do email templates work? Explore our Automatic Email Help Doc. Also, discover How To Stop Automatic Emails.