Trip Notes & Trip Activity Feed

Your Trip Notes & Trip Activity Feed within your YouLi Trip allow you & your team to stay up-to-date on all of the different things that are going on within that specific trip.

What are trip notes?

  • TRIP NOTES are notes that you want to leave for your team (or yourself!) on a specific trip. They are manually inputted by anyone the Trip Owner has added to that TRIP.
  • These notes can be left by anyone who is working on that TRIP and they're also visible by everyone else who is working on the same TRIP.
  • Watch our how-to video on trip notes for a deeper dive. 

What is the trip activity feed?

  • The TRIP ACTIVITY FEED is YouLi updating you on activities that your Travelers & Team Members are doing on your TRIP.
  • In your TRIP ACTIVITY FEED you receive updates about:
    • Changes in Invitee Status (i.e. Registered > Booked) 
    • Registered Traveler TASK updates
    • PAYMENTS, including COUPON CODES
    • Any AUTOMATED REMINDERS that were sent from YouLi
    • Changes that any Team Member makes on the trip 
  • Click here (see image below) in your MENU to view your TRIP ACTIVITY FEED


  • And here's what the TRIP ACTIVITY FEED looks like


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