HOW-TO Share Documents from Planner Resources with Suppliers

YouLi allows Planners to provide documents and resources TO Travelers and to collect FROM Travelers. Both sets are located under 'Resources & Uploads'.

All these documents are stored securely

So only authorized people can access them, they are:

  1. They are a co-planner on the Trip and can access as a Planner
  2. They are a Trip Coordinator on the Trip and can access the Trip read-only, including viewing the resources and uploads
  3. They are the Traveler who can view their files on their Trip Page
  4. They are given a SHARE link by a Planner that expires in 30 days

This article covers this last case:

  • As a Planner on the trip (#1 or #2 above), click to 'Resources & Uploads', and find the document you want to share with a supplier or other colleague.
    • This can be under either: "Trip Resource" or "Uploads from People"
  • Click the three dots on the card for the resource and click SHARE.
  • Then copy the LINK shown in the popup. 

WARNING: This link will expire in 30 days for security reasons. You can always go back and get a new one at any time if they need more time. 



When to use this

  1. You need to share a resource with a compliance team member to confirm you have posted the right document
  2. You need to send a passport to a hotel supplier (note you can download the entire zipfile if you need to send them all)
  3. You need to prove to a Traveler they uploaded the wrong document and they need to re-submit a task