Why did my traveler get a "automatically rejected" email?

YouLi sends automated emails on your behalf. These are sent with a REPLY-TO of your configured email address. So most of the time, when someone replies, it will be sent directly to your mailbox.

But for technical reasons the FROM address is actually "reply@youli.io". Sometimes people save this address in their mailbox and send in documents or other messages. We do our best to route these to the correct Planner, but when we can't figure out who it should go to, we send back this message:


Oops, you've sent to an automated mailbox, please contact your planner 
directly for questions about your trip. Simply click on the link in any of your trip notifications to access your Trip Page and find your Planner's
contact information. If you aren't sure, you can always go to 
https://youli.io and enter your email address to be sent a new link. -Safe Travels, The YouLi Tech Support Team

The message instructs them to find one of their trip notifications and click through to their Trip Page. But if they can't find one of those, they can always request a new invitation email to be sent by entering their email address at https://youli.io

This should be rare. If you are having too many travelers sending to this automated mailbox, please Open a Support Ticket.