How-to: Create a Trip Template & Use It To Make a New Trip

A trip template allows you to save time, by leveraging the work that you put in, creating other trips. Simply re-use the template every time you need to duplicate a past itinerary and/or automated tasks.

When to use trip templates

  • You have similar trips that reoccur quarterly, annually, etc.
  • You require all of the same tasks on your trips
  • You want to keep your descriptions, images, messaging, etc. across all of your trips

More on templates

  • Any YouLi trip that you create can be turned into a template
  • Ultimately, a template allows you to create just one outline of a TRIP PAGE and then customize trips from your template, tweaking details as needed
  • Your chosen dates for a trip created from a template will automatically synchronize for both your itinerary & automated tasks
  • There is no limit to how many TEMPLATES you can create & they are safely stored in your TRIP DASHBOARD

Turn a trip into a template

1. In your TRIP DASHBOARD, click on the cog from your perfect trip

2. Click "Create Template"

3. Give your TEMPLATE a name 

4. Click "Copy"

Your new template will live in your "Templates tab, in your TRIP DASHBOARD, until you publish it. See below for how to do that. 

Use a template to create a new trip

  2. Find the template you want to create a new trip from
  3. Click on the cog icon
  4. Select "Create trip from"
  5. Give the trip a name 
  6. Click "Create"

See this 2-min video, walking you through it: How to: Create a template & then create a trip from that template - Watch Video


Customize your trip, created from a template

Remember to make all of the adjustments you need, such as: 

  • Modifications to AUTOMATED TASKS 
  • Change in PRICE

Once you publish the trip, it will automatically move to your ACTIVE tab and be accessible for traveler registration!

Need more help?

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