Collection of Listed Trips

YOUR SHOP is deprecated. The shop links will still work until August 2021.

👉 It is recommended you switch to using the Plug N Play website instead.

What are LISTED trips? (previously called Your Shop)

Any Trip that is Public and Listed as set by the TRIP PRIVACY setting on your trip is "LISTED" and will automatically appear wherever you place the embedded trips code snippet on your website.

On your trip, click the pencil on the left to Update Trip, then scroll to find TRIP PRIVACY:


Explore an example of embedded Listed trips on Rare Air Travel's website:

What are the advantages of embedding Listed trips?

No more outdated website or expensive website change requests with your developer.

  1. Trips automatically remove when start date passes
  2. Archived trips are removed automatically
  3. Add or remove trips from your website without a developer
    • simply check/uncheck the Listed box (as shown below)


Who can see my Listed trips? 

Your Listed trips are public, so anyone you share the link with can see them. 

Although we power Marketplaces, we are not a source of leads. At YouLi we look to be all behind the scenes so your travelers are focused on YOU and the experience they are going to have. 

Discover how to embed your YouLi Shop into your website in our How do I integrate with my website help documentation.  

OR watch our How-To list your trip or embed your shop help video: