What Do I Need To Start Building My YouLi Account and First Trip Page?

Are you ready to launch group trips on YouLi? Use this list to gather the necessary data.


As you build out your YouLi Account and first trip, gather all of your branding info and accumulate the details and images to include in your TRIP PAGE. 

For Your Account Set-Up Gather: 

  • Business logo or branding image, business color or brand color
  • Your Contact Info
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID
  • Stripe Account or confirming your payment gateway

For Your TRIP PAGE Gather: 

  • Estimated cost and dates
  • Trip HIGHTLIGHTS (purpose of the trip, info about guides, partners and the area)
  • Daily activities (this would be your itinerary)
  • Begin to map out TASKS & 


  • Optional: promotional images if available (free photo library is built-in)


Need more help?

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