How do I make sure I am setting Itinerary Items and/or Due Dates in the right Time Zone?

  • Often, you need Itinerary Items to be in the time zone where your trip is taking place while you need your due dates (for payments and tasks) to be in the time zone that you or your travelers are in.  


Start by setting your time zone via the Update Trip Tab. 



Each trip has a single main timezone, this is the time zone where your trip is taking place. So, if your trip is taking place in Iceland, you would set the time zone for Iceland. This main time zone is what the date bar is based on in Highlights and Itinerary Tabs. 



If you want to set an Itinerary or Highlight Item to a specific time zone then you do so when creating or editing that specific item. 



If the time zone is not shown on the Highlight or Itinerary item, then the item has been automatically put in the trip time zone. 

If the time zone is shown (UTC-10) then that means the item has a different time zone set to the overall trip. Items can also have a different end time zone, which will be shown as well if set. 


For a more detailed walkthrough, watch our YouLi How-To Video on Creating an Itinerary with Different Time Zones:


Note: The date bar (see screenshot) on the Trip Page is shown in the Trip Time Zone.


If a specific item has a different time zone set, then you could have a situation where an item shows up under one date in the itinerary (like Oct 26) but shows as Oct 25th in the display (see screenshot). This is because the item is in another time zone from the trip and it IS on Oct 26th in the trip time zone, but it is Oct 25th in the selected item time zone that you put.