Why does my Trip Page look different on different screens?

Uplift your travelers' experience with dynamic and mobile responsive itineraries.

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YouLi TRIP PAGES are designed to be "responsive" to the screen they are shown on. That means it works on all these screens with no extra work from you:

  • Big desktop monitors
  • Small laptop screens
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phone screens (mobile optimized)

In order to dynamically fit on each of these screen sizes and still look good, we use a dynamic algorithm to display either 3 highlight cards in a row or 2 (on mid-size screens) or 1 on mobile.

See the examples below and try it out yourself with your own TRIP PAGES.

Bigger Screens - 3 Cards Across


Mid-Size Screens/Tablets - 2 Cards Across


Mobile Screens - 1 Card Across


Thanks to our Ambassador, Ben Southall of Best Life Adventures, for the example Trip Page.


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