HOW TO require 'Consent to Privacy and Terms' in YouLi when your travelers register

To ensure you have the right consent to message and collect information from your travelers, configure your Content Prompt under Trip -> Update Trip -> Setting.

Check with your lawyer or legal team for the right language to use.

Depending on your country or legal jurisdiction, you might need:

  • Inferred Consent - by registering they agree to your terms
  • Explicit Consent - by checking the box, they agree to your terms, they cannot register if the box is not checked. <-- recommended for GDPR jurisdictions and those who are concerned with privacy compliance

By default, 'Consent to Privacy and Terms' is turned off, but watch this 3-minute video to see these in action and discover how to set it up.

Note: We suggest that you link to your terms, for a cleaner look in your pop-up. 

What if I have a dispute about acceptance of terms?

When you enable consent, there will be a log of the consent and whether it was inferred or explicit. Watch the video to see where it is recorded so you can respond to any dispute with authoritative proof of consent.