How-to: Require "Consent to Privacy and Terms" in YouLi When Your Travelers Register

First, consider how you want to set up your terms and how they should be consented to

  • We suggest you check with your lawyer or legal team for the right language to use for your Terms & Conditions and what type of consent you want to accept
  • Depending on your country or legal jurisdiction, you might need
    • INFERRED CONSENT - by registering for your TRIP, registrants agree to your terms
    • EXPLICIT CONSENT - by checking this box, they agree to your terms and they cannot register if the box is not checked

NOTE: This is recommended for GDPR jurisdictions and those who are concerned with privacy compliance.



How to ensure you have the right consent, to message & collect information from your Travelers

NOTE: Use these instructions to add, update, or remove Terms & Conditions from your Registration Form, whether you are using the standard Registration Form or the Profile & Registration Task. 

You can configure your CONSENT TO PRIVACY AND TERMS prompt by finding it under

  • By default, CONSENT TO PRIVACY AND TERMS is turned off, but if you click the PENCIL ICON you will be able to ADD/EDIT CONSENT PROMPT
  • Here are the 3 options you'll see

TIP: We suggest that you link to your terms & conditions, for a cleaner look in your pop-up (versus copying & pasting them there).

  • Choose one of these options (see definitions above)
  • Don't forget to click SAVE!


Watch this 3-minute video tutorial for how to set this up & what it looks like during registration


What if I have a dispute about the acceptance of my terms?

  • When you enable consent, there will be a log of the consent and whether it was inferred or explicit.
  • Watch the video to see where it is recorded in YouLi, so you can respond to any dispute with authoritative proof of consent.

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