HOW-TO Require Planner to Review a Task


As a Planner, when you're adding or editing a Task, you'll be prompted to select if the Task requires review.

By default, Tasks do NOT require review. And this is correct for MOST tasks. So this is an advanced feature.

So WHEN should you enable this feature?

1. Does a Planner need to confirm that the response is valid?

For example:

  • check that the insurance has sufficient coverage
  • confirm that the traveler's medical responses do not disqualify them
  • confirm the passport is valid for travel

2. Does a Planner need to take an action in response to this task

For example:

  • book an airport transfer
  • arrange for special accomodation
  • add to the cost for an extra option

How does it work for the Traveler?

When enabled, the Traveler will see that their task will require you to review:

Before completing:


After completing:


How does it work for the Planner?

Once Travelers have completed responses, Planner's will see PENDING REVIEW on any Tasks that require review.


Click on the word RESPONSES or the clock icon at the end of the row to review.

When viewing the Task Responses, the ones that have not been reviewed will show with an empty checkbox under PLANNER REVIEW.

Review their information and then check the box to Resolve. 


In the popup, you can provide an optional message. 

TIP: Whether you put a message or not, an email will be sent to confirm if they have an email on their record.


Planners can also CLEAR RESPONSE if the information provided is not correct, which makes the Task INCOMPLETE for the Traveler and appears in their list again. 

Planners can also leave a note on the Traveler record for reference that will not appear to Travelers. 


Click UPDATE to save and send the confirmation email.

A record of the message is put in the Activity Feed for future reference. 

What does the email look like to the Traveler?

You can always add yourself to the trip and act like a traveler to see a real example. The email template that is used always uses your logo and the trip banner, then the details of the trip, the task name, your reply and the original response.

EXAMPLE sent to "Ben Doone" from the Planner "Jennifer Fein"


The Magic Link is ALWAYS included in these messages so the Traveler can click back to their Trip Page and change their information or continue onto other tasks.

When they click to their Trip Page, they will see the Task as COMPLETED, unless you have Cleared the Response. 



When all the responses have been resolved, the PENDING REVEW will no longer appear.

Then you know the Task responses are all handled!