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How to increase booking conversions on your group trips using Google Analytics, a free tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic.


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There are two types of data that you can collect in Google Analytics:

  1. User Acquisition Data: data about where your visitors come from
  2. User Behavior Data: data about your users when they visit your website, like what pages they view and how long they stay there

Why is Google Analytics important on YouLi?

  • Google Analytics can show you the visit rate & click-through rate to your YouLi Trip Page
  • Google Analytics will help you 
    • Measure your Trip Page's performance if you're sharing it publicly
    • Determine if your marketing efforts are making a difference
    • See which of your trips are getting the most views
    • Help you figure out your audience type
    • Google will show you age, gender, country, the device that they are using, etc.

NOTE: This only happens when you have enough data.

What data is tracked?

  • Anonymous page views are tracked for UA integrations
  • Page views and standard events are tracked for GA4 integrations
  • The only Personally Identifiable Information passed to Google Analytics using this feature is IP address. Not all jurisdictions consider this PII or Personal Information.
    • Google allows you to disable storage of IP address in their settings if required.
  • A session cookie will be dropped by Google on the viewer's browser that is cleared when they close the session and does not link their session with any personal information tracked in YouLi.

Is this tracking GDPR compliant?

  • Please start a chat conversation while logged into the YouLi platform to discuss your GDPR requirements and confirm if this tracking meets your data compliance needs. 
  • You will need to include the fact that you track the page views in your privacy policy if you have not already done so. YouLi does NOT pass any the identifying information stored in the Traveler's profile to Google (like email, name, passports, etc). 

How does this work since YouLi is not the same domain?

  • Sessions tracked by Google are per domain. So if a visitor clicks from your website to your YouLi page, they will be tracked as a new Session.
  • So while you can view the data for your YouLi Trip Pages, it is best to consider them independently from your website traffic. 
  • You should make segments in Google Analytics to make this easier to see.
  • There are ways to track sessions across your website to YouLi, best done with White Label Domain
    • Book in an Analytics consulting call if you need help configuring this.

Can I link my Google Analytics Account to my YouLi Account?

Yes! We support:

It's easy to link your Google Analytics account to your YouLi Account.


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